GlobalBrand Best Agrochemical Company Award 2014
People Choice Best Agrochemical Company Award 2014

Agrotiger Philippines Corp (APC) was established in 2014 to be the local champion for sustainable plant nutrition products. Its family of fertilizers, under the HYFER brand, is well-recognized by farmers, agronomists and commercial plantations as the best nutritive and climate-smart solution to their ever-growing demands. Our extensive know-how in this field allows us to share our technology, substantially improve production and increase the income of our customers.

We take pride in helping feed a growing nation. With more than 100 million Filipinos, APC is at the forefront in the battle to ensure that our lands are productive, and remain sustainable for the next generation. A lot of research and development, and care, make each product stand out from the rest.

Our mission is to “bring success to farmers”. Join us in our journey, and lets make a better world one hectare at a time.

Holding Cannabis Ruderalis

Research &


Agrotiger takes pride in its line of proprietary plant nutrition products. Its fertilizers are widely-accepted, considered the best in quality, and are leaders in their respective segments.

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Eco Friendly


We only have one Earth to call home, and the amount of land in this planet is constant. The longer we preserve our natural assets, the longer this fixed supply of land can serve man for food, shelter, resources, etc.

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The Agrotiger brand is synonymous with quality control. Customers are assured that every product manufactured or distributed with the Agrotiger label passes through a series of stringent quality checks second to none.

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