Quality Control

The Agrotiger brand is synonymous with high quality. Customers are assured that every product manufactured or distributed with the Agrotiger label passes through a series of stringent quality checks second to none. These standards are based on the highest criteria as set forth by our own R and D Department, locally by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) of the Philippines, and counter checked internationally with prevailing world standards as well.

When a product is suggested for market, Agrotiger’s R and D Department goes to work by first drafting a field protocol. The product is then rigorously tested in several plots under controlled conditions, and vis-à-vis competing products. All data is then analyzed and verified. Products that score high are then subjected to a series of auxiliary test. Three sets of samples are then sent for independent testing: one sample back to R and D for re-evaluation of results, a sample to a third party researcher and another sample free to a customer willing to test. Agrotiger only considers products worthy when they pass all three independent trials with flying colors.

Proud to say Agrotiger does not have a customer that did not repeat order. This is the truest testament of quality control at work, and our commitment to always delivering excellence.

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