Eco Friendly Technologies

We only have one Earth to call home, and the amount of land in this planet is constant. The longer we preserve our natural assets, the longer this fixed supply of land can serve man for food, shelter, resources, etc. Agrotiger recognizes the paramount need to balance business and to protect the environment. It is committed to having the least carbon footprint in everything we do.

Some agrochemicals can cause more harm than good. Farmers, unknowingly at times, can overdose their lands with damaging results. Thus, the front line in the battle for the environment is through education. Agrotiger’s sales force and field agronomists are very well-versed on the proper use and disposal of agrochemicals. The Company regularly sponsors free seminars emphasizing sustainable farming, and as an extension of our service, also monitors each client.

More importantly, Agrotiger encourages the use of organics when possible. Its flagship product, Hyfer Plus foliar fertilizer, is high in organic material and is proven to be extremely safe to the environment. The future thrust of Agrotiger is to quickly introduce more of these eco-friendly products to the market.

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