Hyfer Urea Max ( 46-0-0 )

Coated Urea Fertilizer with MYCORRHIZA and HUMIC ACID

Hyfer Urea Max Coated Fertilizer


1. FIRST MEDICATED UREA with combined benefits of MYCORRHIZA and HUMIC ACID.


2. Known to increase root mass for more absorption of nutrients from the soil.


3. Thickens the cell wall of plants for better resistance to pests, and thus less use of pesticides.


4. Increases production substantially with less inputs.


5. Sustained release of NPK to prevent wastage.


6. Contains Insect Repelling Action for better protection.


7. Contains multiple types of MYCORRHIZA, known to be beneficial and very conducive to local conditions.


8. Creates a protective environment in the soil that lessens growth of fusarium.


9. Establishes a beneficial residual effect, which is retained on the soil for the benefit of the next cropping.

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